How Hoverboards Are Dangerous for Children

It may be hard to believe but riding hoverboards can lead to serious injuries and accidental death. It is actually the reason why the sales of these flying boards slowed down in 2016 compared to the previous year. If you are thinking of buying one for your child, here are some dangers you should know about:

Falling Off the Hoverboard

This is the most common mishap you can encounter when riding hoverboards. Children, especially aged 4 or younger, are not yet adept in balancing themselves on a moving object. Even those who are older can have issue with poor balance. Apart from that, hoverboards are controlled by foot pressure and children can have difficulty managing their foot movements, particularly when they’re too small for the boards.

The possibilities when falling off the board are the following: scrapes, pierced skin (when a sharp object is present), bruises, sprains, or even dislocation. But then again, other injuries can occur such as head trauma or hip fracture, depending on factors like speed and body position when the impact occurs. Likewise, the terrain can also affect the safety of your hoverboard ride. Children may have difficulties traversing steep terrain or downward slopes, causing them to slide off. As a precautionary measure, advise your children to run only on smooth surfaces.

Head Injuries

Apart from limb injuries, riding hoverboards can also result in head injuries which can be fatal because of internal hemorrhage. Remember that the head contains the body’s critical nerves which govern the processes of your other body parts. In some cases, the child may survive the impact, but he or she experiences cognitive impairments such as memory loss, speech problems, or failure in developmental milestones. The brain is also part of the central nervous system, which encompasses the spinal cord. In debilitating cases, the child may be permanently paralyzed or disabled. So, as a precautionary measure, let your child wear helmets and other safety gear.

Sometimes the injuries are not directly caused by riding the levitating machines, but by the negligence of other people like car drivers or pedestrians. Nowadays, it is common to see hoverboards being used when going to school.

Experiencing Burns

It’s crazy to imagine how a seemingly harmless machine can burn your child to death. But news about hoverboard explosions are widely publicized and have already threatened the lives of many riders. Hoverboard fires are triggered by battery overheat or use of substandard materials for the board. The rider, besides falling off and suffering injuries of the impact, can also can get burns of the 3rd degree.

Since hoverboards are now being used as a mode of personal transport, even when going to crowded places, the adverse effects can spill over to passers-by. Other people can also suffer injuries or worse even an untimely death. For this reason, if riding hoverboards cannot be avoided, then the least that you can do is to choose quality brands. People believe that the explosion is a manufacturing concern.

Because riding a hoverboard is a complex matter and largely dependent on body movements, children are more prone to accidents than adults. More so, the child may not be completely physically and mentally ready to respond quickly to emergency situations, and thus when a malfunction occurs the injuries can be quite severe. It is therefore essential to do lots of practice indoors or away from roads and crowds. Lastly, wear safety gear. Always.