Safety Precautions for Hoverboard Newbies

Riding a hoverboard is fun as most riders can attest to it. But just like skateboards, riders can also experience the occasional fall. The most serious ones can also involve accidents where injuries are sustained by either rider or unfortunate bystanders. Some states also banned its use in most public roads and areas.

But riders can still enjoy riding a hoverboard while minimizing their chances of getting involved in accidents or getting injuries. You only need to apply some common sense whenever you are on the board. Many hoverboard mishaps occur because the rider has exercised poor judgment when confronted with a situation. Here are some safety precautions for newbies.

Helmet and Safety Gear First

Before you ever ride on the hoverboard, wear a helmet and safety gear first. These safety gadgets will protect your head and body in case you fall down from the hoverboard. Aside from the helmet, you also need to wear elbow and knee pads as well as wrist guards.

Adjust Controls of Hoverboard

Before setting out with the hoverboard, adjust the controls first. Calibrating the board only takes a moment and it’s easy. Start by lifting the wheel up. Press the foot pad with your hand. If the wheel spins without any shaking, then it’s calibrated and ready for use.

Assume Correct Standing Posture

Assuming the correct standing posture will help prevent you from getting out of balance from the board. Riders with a poor posture tend to have difficulty riding the hoverboard. This also increases their chance of falling from their board. Make sure that the center of your feet is standing in the middle of the board. You also need to assume the widest possible stance to keep yourself balanced.

Step Back To Get Off Board

Ironically, many riders fell while getting out of the hoverboard. Most would step forward to disembark from the board. This is not the right way to get out of the hoverboard. The safe way is to step back which is not what many people are used to.

Keep Your Sights Forward

Looking straight ahead allows you to see any obstacles in your path. A correct straight posture also keeps your eyes focused on where you are going. Looking down will merely increase your chances of hitting or getting hit by an object on the road. While riding, stay on alert especially if you are riding on a public road or street.

Ride Only in Designated Places

Ride your hoverboard only in places allowed by the law. This precaution will keep you safe from accidents and possible legal actions against you. Local authorities in various states prohibit hoverboards on public roads and streets. Hoverboard riders involved in accidents in areas where they are prohibited can also get them in legal trouble.

Practice First

Hoverboard newbies should first learn the riding basics before heading out to a public place. Falling down in the yard is a lot safer than getting entangled with vehicles on the road. Practice also builds up your skills and confidence in riding the board. The experience can also help you correctly assess certain situations.