Beginners Guide To Choosing The Right Swimming Gear


Every swimmer, whether a professional or a casual swimmer, will require the correct set of gear to make his or her swimming more efficient and hence, more enjoyable. There are three fundamental swimming gears that every swimmer must have. These include the swimsuit, the swimming cap, and, of course, the swimming goggles. Now, there are also other swimming gears aside from these three but these are the very bare essentials.

The Swimsuit – Unless you are going to go skinny dipping or perhaps swim in an exclusive nudist beach, you will need the right and most appropriate swimsuit for you. It is not enough that you wear the same shorts and apparel that you use at home. It just not feels right. You will need a swimsuit that allows the fabric to stretch without breaking as well as highly resistant against salt water, chlorine, and, of course, the ultraviolet rays of the sun. For this reason, many prefer synthetic fabrics particularly a combination of 8 to 9 parts nylon and 1 to 2 parts of spandex.

If you want absolute comfort and a retro style, then you may want to go for a 100 percent cotton swimsuit. If not, you can always opt for a combination of cotton, polyester, and spandex. Regrettably, this kind of swimsuit fabric are more prone to colour fading. Additionally, they dont dry as quickly as nylon and spandex.

Before buying your swimsuit from an online swim shop, you may need to understand any restrictions on certain types of swimsuits. For many women however, they are often very comfortable with a one-piece. For men, a swim brief or swimming trunks is essential.

The Swim Cap – Consider the swim cap as an extension of your swimsuit. And while it is not really absolutely necessary to have a swim cap, it is often advisable to wear one especially if you are going to swim in a public swimming pool. Aside from hygienic purposes, the swim cap can also help keep your hair in order and not get in your face while swimming. This way, you can enjoy your swim.

The Swimming Goggles – Unless you are going to swim breast stroke all your life, then you will need your own swimming goggles. This is especially true if you are seriously considering becoming a really good swimmer. Part of your training is to swim with your head or face completely submerged. You can only do this if youre wearing the correct goggles. Of course you can still swim without goggles but your eyes might sting a bit especially if the water in the pool has not been balanced well. This reduces your overall effectiveness as a swimmer while also dampening your motivation to have a truly great time swimming.

Other Nice-to-Have Swimming Equipment – Aside from the swimsuit, goggles, and cap you may also want to get a nose clip to prevent water from entering your nose and swim fins to make your movement through the water more efficient. Other tools you might want include water noodles, pull buoys, and kickboards.

If you’re just starting to swim, having the correct swimsuit and goggles should be enough. But if youre a serious swimmer, then you know you need these and a whole lot more.